Graham of Anywhere

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I think it's time to find myself again
Find a face that I like
Find a fight that I can win
And fight to win

I've lain vast voids around me
Planes of protection
Building space between disdain
And utter…

So I broke out,
And broke into another place,
Scratching my way through,
Enclosed spaces to find, something
Wide open, wide open

And I found things were different,
But not all that new, because…

Stand up, and stand up
And take your camera
To remind you of all the things
That you're walking away from

And stand up, on your own two feet
And conquer the planets
Before they close in around…

Bigger Than We Are

Dreamy, fantastical, but ultimately optimistic.

Belief in a defining moment
Some sort of pivetal scene
That will change of all of this
Into something worth so much more

A small firefly,…


Love is real, love drives,
Love fades, but never dies.

Love is you, engrained on me,
Love is me, setting you free.

Love is life, even without you,
Love is lost, if not lived through.


Movin' On Out

OK well I'll do a wee dedication... this goes out to Odeon people, and to Vibe people, and to you, if you can relate.

I'm movin' on out,
Movin' on up, up,
Up again, out again.

It's gonna…


My friends back in Edinburgh would, I'm sure, know what these poems are all about, if they ever happened to read them. I'll admit now, all the same, that this page revolves entirely around a…

Heaven on Earth

There's nothing quite like the town during the festival. To me, it's amazing, and I'll always love it.

Edinburgh, on a sunny August afternoon
The booze is flowing, and the streets are…


I suppose this is essentially my attitude versus *their* attitude. Them being the future outcasts, them being the cronies, the conservatives, the twats. Them being the oppressors, if we let them.…


Life is what you make it. To a certain extent, yeah, I believe that. More often that not though, I look at this poem, and I just don't get it. It would be a good outlook to have though:

A moment…