Graham of Anywhere


GrahamI'm Graham. I'm a 30-odd year old guy from Edinburgh, Scotland but I'm currently living in Greater London after a few detours. I'm a developer, a fan of real music, gay, hopeless romantic -- well, hopeless, at least -- and general Mr Nice Guy who's trying harder to find his way.

This is Graham of Anywhere. It's a personal project which largely exists for my own amusement. It allows me to tinker with code and it provides me with an outlet for my musings. I wish I was a proper writer. But to be a proper writer you need to be a proper reader. And that I am not. Alas, I present to you a mix of politics, poetry, and introspection.

I was the Founder of, one of the web's earliest LGBT youth resources, and my blog started life as a mundane log of website updates there. Then, following on with a new personal site named which made everything I'd ever written public for the world to see. I'm over that crazy honesty and I'm only now making available a subset of my meandering thoughts. went live in 2010, and morphed into Graham of Anywhere in late 2016.

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