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My auntie has spent years researching and verifying our family tree, and it seems that I have a direct ancestral line to Robert the Bruce! There's 26 generations charted. So, uh, if you could henceforth refer to me as His Royal Highness...
06/04/2020 18:25
Repetitive and derivative, they look the same and they say the same things. They laugh at variations of the same joke over and over. They say they’re bisexual. They say they’re Christian. They say they like Netflix & Chill. Are they sentient or are they sentinels? Are they alive?
30/03/2020 09:00
Time slips and faces fade, the people you once knew and the promise they once held. They chose and they chose well, to show their selves and risk their souls. And you, you fashioned and you forged and you cooled and you slowed. Stasis and silence and solitude, in the evening sun.
30/03/2020 00:01

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