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A half life

It’s 2020. I’m 37. I’m living quietly and alone in a loud urban setting surrounded by strangers. Coronavirus restrictions have been easing off for around a month now but the following…

Scottish independence: Yes

The internal rationalisation of seemingly contradictory stances

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life living in England and that, to a degree, makes me an outsider in this debate. It does perhaps…

Loudmouths, populism, and The Disunited Kingdom


Boris Johnson is a loudmouth. I’ve met quite a few of them in my time in London — although, that’s not to say loudmouths don’t exist everywhere — and the one thing…

Of liberty and loneliness

I’ll start with the ending. The bottom line is that we all define ourselves by our associations. Political, perhaps. Personal, for sure. Supernatural, for those who partake. And I think, also, amongst…

Maybe I should write something

I’ve been looking for some degree of stability, with regard to income at least. It’s not an imperative, yet, but I want to feel secure. I guess I want to feel successful. Recurring work would…

Scotland and Catalonia: dividing developed nations


Nationalism is a problematic ideology. Much like religion, it does, on one hand, offer identity and the ability to unify a subset of people with a common cause, but of course that will always…
Alright, dating apps: if the guy fails to ask any questions in return within, say, his first 3 replies, is it acceptable to give up? Surely they’re either not interested/invested, or they’re socially incompetent? Or are my expectations too high?
27/07/2020 11:46
All the places I’ve lived seem distant, as if they were lots of mini-lives lived back-to-back. Edinburgh is the furthest of them all, and seems to represent the greatest fall. But if there’s nothing for me anywhere, why not there.
11/07/2020 22:42
But it’s not through desire, and it’s not through longing. Maybe it’ll be disillusionment, maybe it’ll be economic disenfranchisement. Maybe it’ll be the need to build, or the need to change. Maybe it’ll be a call to face the past.
11/07/2020 22:51
Though there’s a sense that one can only return with more than when one left. Be it feats, be it wisdom. Be it money, be it love. With little to show, and little to gain, instinct says run further. For when you’re facing a challenge, you needn’t face yourself.
11/07/2020 23:05
A real pet hate is clicking on videos on YouTube with English titles, only for the dialogue to be in a foreign language without subtitles. Why title it but not subtitle it in English?!
10/07/2020 17:34