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Hey! I'm Graham, a 30-something from Edinburgh, living in London. I tweet and blog about life, love, and purpose from my perspective as a gay guy, an introvert, and, ultimately, a lost soul.

Roam these pages if you're lonely and listless, or if you're looking for something but you don't know what, or if you feel like you're chasing a better version of yourself. I can't promise you'll read anything worth reading because I write purely for myself, but, nonetheless, welcome.
I don’t want to follow. I’m not sure I want to lead. It’s easy when you’re young. You don’t understand that you don’t know. And as you grow, your confidence doesn’t…
An averge adolescence
I grew up in a nice family and I attended a reasonably good state school, all within a nice suburban neighbourhood in the west of Edinburgh, Scotland. My parents split up when I was…
There is sadness in separation and there is pain in divorce. I think that holds true quite generally, irrelevant of scale, and irrelevant of whatever events brought you there. Division represents failure…
So I guess we’re going back 18 years to talk about a boy I dated for six months in 2002. “We” being me and the deeper, more subconscious part of myself. The part of myself which owns…
Today I reloaded into localhost. It’s been 6 years since I’ve seen it in its final state, and it’s still frozen in time at 5pm GMT, Saturday 11 May 2014. I wanted to…
First night as a resident of Bangkok, Thailand! We're in monsoon season so I'm being treated to some wild weather! It seems to pass over fairly quickly though. As indeed will my doubts, I imagine. I've been here a couple of times before but now it's for real!
17/06/2023 19:58
For years I've been complaining about Croydon, or in some ways, the entire island of Great Britain. It does a feel a touch dramatic to escape to another continent, though. I don't know how long I'll be here for, but I've made the change, and for now, that's all that matters.
17/06/2023 20:04
Last night in Croydon. As usual, I've stayed a little too long, but sometimes it just takes a spark of inspiration before you can see a path forward... even if you still have no idea where it leads. It's another roll of the dice. Another boundary, between one life and the next.
16/06/2023 17:20
The different existences we experience don't have intrinsic value and the changes themselves can't be expected to add meaning, or happiness. There is, however, some value to be found in just trying. Without challenge there is no life.
16/06/2023 17:24
Whenever I’m talking about something that applies to any/all of the UK nations, these days I find myself referring to “this island”, as opposed to political terms like “this country” or “the UK” or even the geographically accurate “Britain”. I can’t be sure how conscious that is.
10/06/2023 11:02