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Scottish independence: Independence is evolution

There is sadness in separation and there is pain in divorce. I think that holds true quite generally, irrelevant of scale, and irrelevant of whatever events brought you there. Division represents failure…

Reflections on Duncan

So I guess we’re going back 18 years to talk about a boy I dated for six months in 2002. “We” being me and the deeper, more subconscious part of myself. The part of myself which owns…

Reflections on QA and community

Today I reloaded into localhost. It’s been 6 years since I’ve seen it in its final state, and it’s still frozen in time at 5pm GMT, Saturday 11 May 2014. I wanted to…

The passing days

I’m conscious of every passing day. They tick by less like moons and more like minutes, moving me ever closer to more of the same. They say that every day is another chance to turn it around but…

A half life

It’s 2020. I’m 37. I’m living quietly and alone in a loud urban setting surrounded by strangers. Coronavirus restrictions have been easing off for around a month now but the following…

Scottish independence: Yes

The internal rationalisation of seemingly contradictory stances

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life living in England and that, to a degree, makes me an outsider in this debate. It does perhaps…
Brexit makes any notion of federalism obsolete.
01/03/2021 23:15
There’s freedom in acceptance of your own ignorance.
25/02/2021 23:16
I don’t need validation, I just need hugs.
21/02/2021 15:15