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Hey! I'm Graham, a 30-something from Edinburgh, living in London. I tweet and blog about life, love, and purpose from my perspective as a gay guy, an introvert, and, ultimately, a lost soul.

Roam these pages if you're lonely and listless, or if you're looking for something but you don't know what, or if you feel like you're chasing a better version of yourself. I can't promise you'll read anything worth reading because I write purely for myself, but, nonetheless, welcome.
I don’t want to follow. I’m not sure I want to lead. It’s easy when you’re young. You don’t understand that you don’t know. And as you grow, your confidence doesn’t…
An averge adolescence
I grew up in a nice family and I attended a reasonably good state school, all within a nice suburban neighbourhood in the west of Edinburgh, Scotland. My parents split up when I was…
There is sadness in separation and there is pain in divorce. I think that holds true quite generally, irrelevant of scale, and irrelevant of whatever events brought you there. Division represents failure…
So I guess we’re going back 18 years to talk about a boy I dated for six months in 2002. “We” being me and the deeper, more subconscious part of myself. The part of myself which owns…
Today I reloaded into localhost. It’s been 6 years since I’ve seen it in its final state, and it’s still frozen in time at 5pm GMT, Saturday 11 May 2014. I wanted to…
Met my first new boy in BKK tonight! I’ve been around the block enough to have no expectations so we’ll see. 22 years old, fresh outta uni 🙈. He’s lovely though.
25/07/2025 16:08
Eugh, there were weird noises in the flat so I had to get up to investigate. It turns out to be a bat 😬. Had to be brave and figure out how to eject the creature. He took a little encouragement but he’s free again. Now, what are my chances of sleeping?
22/09/2023 19:00
The Scots might generally be an unassuming bunch but here in Asia I keep hearing about guys’ Scottish ex-boyfriends. I get the feeling that their general understanding of Scotland, likely an otherwise unknown place, is purely based on these exes.
12/09/2023 15:30