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Hey! I'm Graham, a 30-something from Edinburgh, living in London. I tweet and blog about life, love, and purpose from my perspective as a gay guy, an introvert, and, ultimately, a lost soul.

Roam these pages if you're lonely and listless, or if you're looking for something but you don't know what, or if you feel like you're chasing a better version of yourself. I can't promise you'll read anything worth reading because I write purely for myself, but, nonetheless, welcome.
I don’t want to follow. I’m not sure I want to lead. It’s easy when you’re young. You don’t understand that you don’t know. And as you grow, your confidence doesn’t…
An averge adolescence
I grew up in a nice family and I attended a reasonably good state school, all within a nice suburban neighbourhood in the west of Edinburgh, Scotland. My parents split up when I was…
There is sadness in separation and there is pain in divorce. I think that holds true quite generally, irrelevant of scale, and irrelevant of whatever events brought you there. Division represents failure…
So I guess we’re going back 18 years to talk about a boy I dated for six months in 2002. “We” being me and the deeper, more subconscious part of myself. The part of myself which owns…
Today I reloaded into localhost. It’s been 6 years since I’ve seen it in its final state, and it’s still frozen in time at 5pm GMT, Saturday 11 May 2014. I wanted to…
AI doesn’t so much make me fear for the future of humanity but for my future sustenance. There will be new jobs but for the only-moderately smart, for the generalists, like myself, it’s hard to see a transition that maintains my current income level.
22/04/2023 20:28
In the near future, implementation itself will be a detail. You’ll only produce something of value if you produce the idea. It’s not going to be about knowledge or skill or communication or interpretation. The only contribution of value will be innovation.
22/04/2023 20:41
Presently frustrated by my existence. I want out of this place but I’m waiting on things I need. I want work that is meaningful but I’m struggling to understand how. I want a boy but mostly when I feel at my most inconsequential. So, I travel in lieu of contentedness.
18/04/2023 21:29
Whenever I write "tweaks" in a work email, I have to triple check that I haven't written "twinks".
13/04/2023 19:59