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Scottish independence: Yes

The internal rationalisation of seemingly contradictory stances

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life living in England and that, to a degree, makes me an outsider in this debate. It does perhaps…

Loudmouths, populism, and The Disunited Kingdom


Boris Johnson is a loudmouth. I’ve met quite a few of them in my time in London — although, that’s not to say loudmouths don’t exist everywhere — and the one thing…

Of liberty and loneliness

I’ll start with the ending. The bottom line is that we all define ourselves by our associations. Political, perhaps. Personal, for sure. Supernatural, for those who partake. And I think, also, amongst…

Maybe I should write something

I’ve been looking for some degree of stability, with regard to income at least. It’s not an imperative, yet, but I want to feel secure. I guess I want to feel successful. Recurring work would…

Scotland and Catalonia: dividing developed nations


Nationalism is a problematic ideology. Much like religion, it does, on one hand, offer identity and the ability to unify a subset of people with a common cause, but of course that will always…


Well, February 2018 is the month that I became free from MPS. I cut my losses and walked away. When it comes to looking after my own interests, I made many mistakes, and with any luck I’ll learn…

Dissolution of the United Kingdom, it’s time

I think it’s fair to say that whatever constitutional complexities were brought about by devolution, namely the West Lothian Question, now pale into insignificance compared to the impending Brexit…

Not sorted / I needed so much more

The more I allow myself to think about it, the more I realise I'm not as sorted as I think I am, not as sorted as I think I should be. My loneliness, sadness, and resignation, has probably got a lot to…

Leaving hibernation

I think it's time to find myself again
Find a face that I like
Find a fight that I can win
And fight to win

I've lain vast voids around me
Planes of protection
Building space between disdain
And utter…
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