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BBC REQUEST: Do you have issues about your sexuality that you have yet to discuss with friends or loved ones? Perhaps you are looking for the right opportunity to be honest about your sexuality? The BBC are looking for people to talk openly over lunch about a range of issues for a brand new series. For more information, call Lee on 0208 225 8791 for a confidential chat, or email:

SERVER CRASH: Eeeeeek.... this morning (April 4), the server that GSO is held on crashed, resulting in a total loss of data. So I've re-uploaded all the pages, but it'll take me a lot longer to get all the images and stuff back online. Some pages though are older versions, and some newer pages are still missing. I can't fix that until I get back to Stirling. I can only ask that you bear with me....

CRASH UPDATE: Right, got most the boy pics back online, but it'll take me a while before I can get back the rest, and same goes for all the other graphics. Soz guyz! OK I'm off to have a good birthday night out...

GSO IS 3!: Hard to believe, but on April 7, the site will officially be 3 years old!! Happy birthday GSO! And fittingly enough, the last 4 weeks were the site's busiest since tracking began in September 1999. :)

NEW IN BOYZ: David Paisley and Charlie Hunnam have been added to the OMG Pages, and David appears again, along with Gareth from Pop Idols, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Philleppe and others on the Boys 4 Boys Gallery.
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