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Josh Hartnett on OMG!!

Some very hot pictures of Josh Hartnett are now here on Check it out, OMG Page 5: Josh Hartnett!! And a month on, the QueerAttitude Community gay youth forums are doing alright... need more input though! So whoever you are, feel free to post/reply. Thanks to my good friend Bex for contributing £10 to the forums to keep them advert-free.

I'm still looking for ways to make the site break-even, so if you have any revenue-generating ideas, please drop me an email. Donations via cheque (made payable to Graham Hughes) can be sent to...

[ Donation recieved from J Donovan from Newport, Wales - many thanks. Address taken off as not to annoy my host. May be replaced in the future by a mailbox address. ]

...a bit extreme maybe, and 'pushing-it' definately, but bandwidth must be paid for! :( All help appreciated. Thanx, Graham!
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