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Labour Proposes Legal Recognition!! completely backs the Labour Government's plans to introduce legal recognition for long term gay couples! (Just to make it sound as I've got some sort of political influence, or something). Even the homophobic Conservatives are backing this plan. Not that they want to no doubt, it's just strategy. SO WHAT does it mean??!! Your partner can be your next of kin, and get inheritance rights and so forth, previously only enjoyed by hetero couples. Lots of other benefits too. Fantastic. Big step forward! No more progress will be made until next Summer though! Argh! The law is sooo slow! Irritating as hell. Still, well done Tony Blair and co. Read the news articles for more info.

As for me... got 3 exams coming up!! :( Management on the 11th, Computing on the 14th, and Mathematics on the 16th. Uuuugh. Grr. Stressed ooouuuttt!! Gimme a hug!!

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