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The nights are fair drawing in

This is my first entry on All that's gone prior has been written on, the domain I bought just over 9 years ago. QA started life as a place for me to speak out, following my initial foray into "internet publishing" over on Tripod. I'm not even sure if that's still on the go? -- Just checked, it's still there, but it looks like you need to pay for it these days. Alas, QA has evolved and it's no-longer a place where I can talk freely. That's partly because I'm not the leader of a gang anymore, I'm the manager of something that feels more like an organisation. My peers have mostly long since gone.

So, this marks the disconnection. The cron job has been cancelled and from this point onwards, my entries, comments and view counts from QA will no-longer be replicated to my personal blog. Maybe this is closure, in some regards. It puts a clear, distinct line between personal content, work, and voluntary work. All I need to do now is balance the three and put equal amounts of energy into each.

Work-wise, there's no shortage of things to be done and no shortage of money to be made. There's also an abundance of ideas. Good ideas. Ideas that could change things. Feeling inspired is easy but as ever, motivation is hard to come by and happiness is something found in fiction. It's mid October and the nights are fair drawing in. I've already started using the central heating and Christmas is creeping into the general consciousness. It's the time of year for festivities; for fun with family, friends and lovers. It's the loneliest time of year.

I want to be super-productive somehow, nonetheless. That's gotta be the aim.
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