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Glasgow and 9 year old Graham

Now, I've long been convinced that the City of Edinburgh Council is run my muppets, but new evidence has come to light that show the Glasgow City Council are indeed no better. Somehow, as a result, my 9 year old self has become implicated in an overpayment to Glasgow City in a future almost 20 years ahead. Bizarre, wouldn't you say? Let me explain.

I moved out of Glasgow in September and Lindsay and I's lease ran out in December. Throughout our stay there, we accrued a council tax credit of £130 each which should rightfully be returned to us. There shouldn't really be any hoops to jump through to in order to retrieve your own money but I can understand why GCC would want to protect themselves from fraud.

They sent me a letter asking for both Lindsay and I's addresses since 1 April 1993. Lindsay had said on the phone, though, that they only needed Glasgow addresses so I overlooked the 1993 requirement because I've only lived in Glasgow once, in 2010-2011. We duly and speedily completed the form and sent it back.

I then received a new letter, some time later, reinforcing the requirement that I send them all my addresses since 1 April 1993. At this point I felt the need to tell them what I thought in an email:

Hi there,

Your reference: 815811809
Date: 28th December 2011

Regarding the overpayment of £131.27, you have requested that I provide all of my addresses since 1 April 1993.

Incase it's worth noting, I think that's completely and utterly nuts, in a "bureaucracy gone mad" kind of way. On that date, I was 9 years old. Moreover, I've lived in Glasgow only once, and at only one address, during 2010 and 2011. Finally, I have lived in no fewer than 15 addresses since 1993.

If you are adamant that you need all these 15 addresses, including locations in Edinburgh, Stirling, Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes, and Greater London, then I propose that I email them over since the provided form is inadequate and I don't much fancy writing them all out on paper.

Please let me know if that would be acceptable.

Kind regards,

I'm in the middle of waiting 10 working days for their response. In the mean time, I hope they've fired it up the chain of command for subsequent people to laugh at. Hopefully someone will, having laughed, then agree with my point.

My 9 year old self owes Glasgow City Council no information for transactions he'd make in 20 years time. Furthermore, my almost 29 year old self sees no reason to provide bureaucrats with a lifetime of addresses. Just return the money.

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