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I've been thinking about me and my name. How I operate in different worlds. The professional world, where people expect to google me and find my LinkedIn profile. The online world where people might expect to find QA or this place. And the real world, my personal world, where you'd maybe expect to find my Facebook or Twitter or perhaps some of my old sites.

I have quite a trail online, and I don't really want people to find everything so easily. I don't have a desire to hide anything, just an interest in not sharing everything. It's a tricky one. I want to write and build and engage online. And I want that to do that in all versions of my life. The crossover therefore seems unavoidable. And that's a little uncomfortable.

The web remembers everything. The web knows more about me than I know about myself. Though, perhaps all this data will be incompatible with modern systems in 50 years time. And that would be as much of a saving grace as it would be tremendous loss. Those who write in diaries don't need to worry about obsolescence.

Those who don't write and don't think don't need to worry about anything. And that is where I shall end.
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