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WELCOME TO GSO for 2003!!

Well it's Tuesday 21st January 2003 and this is the brand new Graham: Speaking Out. I've been working away on this for months, so I can say that it's a relief to finally have it up here for you all to see. There's lots of new sidebars which I can fill up will stuff over time, the Famous Gay Celebrities page is finally up in the Society section, and The OMG pages in the Boyz section have been replaced with the all new interactive GSO 10 - vote for your number one, and tell us who you think should be included.

And these updates here; You can reply to them! Just hit the 'Add A Comment' link below.

Well that's it. I really hope you like the new look, because this is undoubtably the biggest project that I've ever undertaken, so I present to you Version 3! :p

Grahamx of GSO!
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