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Rabbits And Monkeys And Amazon


Eeek just took a look at the poll, and 20% at the moment don't like the new site. Oh well. Whatever. I guess. Design is a personal thing afterall (as said by Mark hehe).

I'm in old Edinburgh at the minute visting old friends and stuff, and we're all gonna go out tonight to catch up and drink and stuff. Heading for Frankensteins I think.. which maybe you've guessed.. is a theme bar. Very very cool though. And they do food at nite too :) Always good when you get the munchies. And I'm not always drinking (Jeff!). And tomoz I'm headin for Newcastle to see Katie and her lot!! :D

I think I'm possibly avoiding Stirling at the moment though. Just not in the mood for the flat at the moment, or the ppl in the flat.. because I think I'll end up killing. Can't wait until Katie and Lindsay come back. The Xmas holidays are too long.

Anyway. You won't have failed to notice throughout the site! Due to the fact that GSO is now an associate. Feeling a tad guilty for kinda going commercial on ya, but Amazon is a very cool company, so go click thru and take up some of their cool offers and the like. Trust me, it's cheaper than buyin stuff in the shops.

That is all! Hehe. Gx!
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M*r*   Hey Grum

Thanks for the mention (blush), but I wouldn't take too seriously the results of the poll. You've worked bloody hard on this site and as long as you are happy that's just great! :-)

I really dig this comment thing...well neat mate I'd love one myself might encourage me to write more! hehe

Have a good time at the weekend mate.

G*u*   Had a great weekend thanks! Here's a shout to Katie, Katrina, and Nichola and all the cool people in Baja Newcastle!! Lol. Despite being sceptical, it was pretty cool for a cheesey-pop club!

I was in Durham too... very.. quaint hehe. It looks like a Uni town should look; the famous Cathedral, old buildings, cobblestones and all! And the students actually look like intellectuals with their woolly jumpers and stuff. "I could pass for an intellectual.." ponders Grum...