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Retail therapy?

Been buyin lots of stuff over the last week! Bought Feeder, REM, and Doves albums, em.. bought SimCity 4 which is kinda cool (my wee sis says I'm too old for computer games!! The cheek!), and I bought some tops in H&M down south coz the ones in Edinburgh only have girls' stuff (what's that about??). And been eatin out lots too.. healthy as always then :p I'm gonna have to cook more this semester.

Do I spend my life saying "I'm gonna have to..."? Hmmm.

Have just noticed that every last one of my friends are loved-up. Sigh. Heads for Amazon...
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K*t*e   Erm....excuse me! Am I going blind or did u just refer to the North East's wonderful Capital as "down south"?! London is down south, Birmingham is down south, I would even say Manchester is down south! But Newcastle is most certainly NOT down south! It's up north, or if you're awkward and come from Scotland you can just say down north! NEVER call us "down south"! NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!!! We're from up north and proud of it, it just so happens that Scotland is geographically north of us. That makes no difference however, as you guys are Scotland and we are the NORTH east! Don't make that mistake again!!!!! Oh yeah, and btw, I'm not exactly loved up am I? Not quite yet anyway.......
We'll see.....
Ok now that my rant is over that's it. I can't believe you in effect called me a southerner!
See you soon (like 10 days!),
Love you lots,
Katie xxx
M*r*   Eek! That told yer Grum! Mind the girlie has a point! hehe

For future reference I am most definately a Southerner. :-P

Love will find you mate, I mean yer only 19 for f***s sake, so live it up while u can (says he who has been in a relationship for over 10 years. Oo-er). :-)


G*u*   Eeeek again! Well, um, hmm. Actually we were talking about this weren't we? And I think I agreed that even in Scotland, the North East still usually means England. But from here you're still down south!! So you're North East Down South!! Erm, yeah.. take it or leave it! :p

Only 19!!? I'm 20 in a few months!!! Ie mega-old!!! Anything over 18 is old!! Infact right, me and Bex were sitting watching Saved By The Bell the other day... and we're older than them now!!! We all used to think Zach was cute!! We're old I tell ya!!