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Me, Mike, Dilly, and Lindsay saw Idlewild play the Glasgow Barrowlands on Thursday... and oh my god! I've waited aaaages to see them but it was worth the wait. Fantastic gig. I'll upload some pictures later.

I've installed a new publishing system, so it should be more reliable than the last one. So comments and stuff are working again.

I finally saw the Cathouse and the Strathclyde Union (Glasgow) the other nite too :D Both are pretty funky. Cathouse was playing some pretty dancey stuff for an alternative place tho?

And Uni starts again on Monday. Part of me says it'll be cool.. it'll give me something to get out of bed for on weekdays. But I can't be assed with the mega-stress. Uni has two poles.... you're either having loadsa fun or you're completely depressed. Still, it's more productive than sleeping I guess (as much as I love sleeping...)


OK Here's some pics:

[url=]Image 1[/url]

[url=]Image 2[/url]

[url=]Image 3[/url] ([url=]1024x768[/url])
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