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Really frustrated today. I mean really. Blaring the new Placebo album so the whole of Union Street can hear it. Us lot just bought tickets to go see dear Brian Molko in April tho.. yay!!

*Anyway*, the fecking doctors have put me on more pills for Asthma. Ugh. I'm not even that bad. Sooo tired of medication. Grrrr. Guess I'll just have to see it out. The woman at the pharmacy said "Are you ok? You look rough if you don't mind me saying?" !!! Man. And the monkeys at the Bank Of Scotland are fecking me about as per usual.

Do you think bad service just comes as standard these days?

And I need a boy. I really do.

The Bug,
Cracking-up, ever-so-slightly.....
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E*d*e G*e*r*r*   Very nice.
M*k*i*a*o*   Don't worry my gbug.. I've just been to the doctors and I think I've been diagnosed with scabies... I refused to believe it so they said it was something else... Now I'm going to have to go back to admit it and get the right medication though.. Oh, silly me and my denial, I just cause more hassle for myself.

Mikeinabox x