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And I'm feeling just that. Been into Uni, and even went to a couple of classes when I was there, washed all my dishes and cleaned my room so that it's spotless, by GrumStandards anyway. And I've written big long replies on the Forums. And I'm feelin better, after the last post which was kinda scary I admit.

Doin stuff and seein people keeps me a happy bunny. Maybe one day I'll remember this... but it's not my fault I've got goldfish tendancies.

This post is dedicated to the very cute waiter dude in Hannibals in Stirling, who kept us lot entertained the other nite. Possibly the 1st ever time me, Lins and Katieman have ever completely agreed on a dude. Kind of a pretty boy, but in a subtely hot way, as opposed to in a typical way. So I'm mentioning it for the record, just because of the immense significance it carries lol. Oh how very very sad......

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L*n*s   That was indeed a cute boy babes, been dreaming bout him ever since... ;) And i agree u have been very productive, ur rooms tidier than mines (not that thats a hard thing to achieve)

Luv ya