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Go Glasgow!

Not often I say that, being an Edinburgher! However, I gotta hand it to the big city this time:

"GLASGOW City Council will today become the first local authority in Scotland to employ its own dedicated team to work with young lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people."

Impressed? Well I'm impressed :p Living in Glasgow, as opposed to other prominent UK cities, has been a disadvantage recently for young gay and lesbian kids after the demise of Bi-G-LES. Obviously standing for Bi, Gay, Lesbian, this was [b]the[/b] lgbt youth group in Glasgow, and was the 1st stop for many who needed advice, friends, or just a safe place. It was shut down due to a lack of funding I think?

Anyway, this is a positive step and will at least provide some support for young lgbt people in the city.

"The move has been welcomed by young gay people and equality groups, but criticised by some religious organisations who questioned whether it was a good use of public money. "

-- Go fcuk yourselves. Yes it's a good use of public money. The lgbt youth are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide than "mainstream groups" explains the article. The lgbt youth are [b]not[/b] second class citizens and [b]do[/b] deserve support. [i]Twats[/i].

Find the article at News.

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