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Happy with the way you look?

... is the title of the new GSO Survey question. So go add your answer... and answer truthfully! It is anonymous afterall.

For those of you who subscribe to Updates & Exclusives, you've just recieved an email with the details needed to access some hot new David Paisley pics... hot boy.

This post is for Ross, who was absolutely fantastic in STAG's production of Victoria Wood's Good Fun :)

Um, added 4 background images throughout February to the Words index. Don't even know if I like them tho..

And that's it,
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R*s*   Awwww...for me!? Fantastic in the play? Cheers matey ho. Might have been alright on stage but I could hardley walk a couple of hours after taking in all accounts. Thanks for coming. Glad you liked.

Rossy x