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All hail the new buzz word.

Dilly The Mod, who's straight btw, thinks she fancies a girl. She says she's homo-sympathetic. So there you. Straight ppl can fancy the same sex from time to time. They're not screwed up, they're just understanding.

I think we should humour her.

"Yay well done Dildo, we appreciate your solidarity.... :)"

There's no such thing as 'straight' anyway, mutters Grum....
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minesadoublemike   "straight" people don't listen to Buffy The Musical.

And that's a fact.

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Ross   Grrrrr arrrrgh!
Grum   Hehe I think Ross is upset.

Mind you, it's not as if you *are* straight hehe.

Darren3030   hmm, i force my straight friends to listen to it sometimes, does that count. "They got the Mustard out" :p
Grum   hehe, yep that counts. i lov it.. soo random.

"ive got a theory it could be bunnies" lol

off 2 glow, drunkgrumx
Ross   Random!? Oh...BITE ME!