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Boys Are Twats

Not really sure if I can disassociate myself, but in general, boys are twats. Don't you think? Both the gay ones and the straight ones -- boys really can rival girls for the title of "most complicated gender".

They go thru 'funny phases', they never know what they want, and they always change their mind.

So this is to everyone who's frustrated/annoyed/hurt by their smelly screwed-up dude.

This is all from an on-looker's perspective at the moment though. Can't quite decide if that's a good or bad thing. Ha - there, see - indecisiveness. It's in the blood I tell ya...

Actually, no, I am gonna disassociate myself, coz I do think I'm kinda disicive. I usually know what I want, I just don't usually try hard enough to get it..... Dicisive yet passive?
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m*n*s*d*u*l*m*k*   Agreed.
k*e*h   Depends on the person.
r*s*   Yeah. it does depend on the person. While we all might be twats, we're not all, all of the time. gee us a break! Funny phases are totally allowed, and accomodated by both sexes. Dudes arent that smelly...just dudes!
G*a*a*   Hey I think I'm allowed a sweeping statement or two now and then!

[ People take me too seriously :( ]

But nah I guess dudes aren't smelly. But I still think 'funny phases' aren't allowed. Life's too short for over-complicated pointlessness!