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Stressed Grumbug

Man I hate Java... ConcurrentModifiedExceptions, ClassCastExceptions, iterators and stacks. To hell with it all. I'm gonna become a zoologist...

OK ok I take it back. I love computers really. The temperamental f*cks that they are...

Had a flying one day visit to Edinburgh on Sunday to see my wee sister! It was really good. Coz I miss her when I'm at Uni. Took her to Pizza Hut then we went to see The Ring :) Well what are big bros for, other than to scare their wee sisters? :p Hehe.

Lins was watching her chosen 5 min clip for her Film & Media essay 2nite. Which was from Baz Lhurman's William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Hehe. Which inevitably meant that instead of Lins analysing 5 minutes of it, us 3 watched the entire thing. Guess it was too difficult to press Stop. Leo was on screen afterall.

[Longs for Romeo.]

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