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Biffy Rule!!

Just seen Biffy Clyro play the Glasgow QM, and they were soooo fantastic!! The lead singer sounds like Billy Connolly hehe. Oh and Jetplane Landing were kinda cool. Can't remember if I've seen them b4 or not.

Thumbs down to Matchbox 20 though, coz we were meant to see them on Monday and they've just postponed their European tour coz of the war. Which is a cop-out. They could've played their UK dates at least, coz we're on the same side!!

As far as the war goes, I reckon it could takes months, but the Allies will win eventually. Not that they had a good enough reason to go to war at all. America perhaps being a tad authoritarian in it's approach to international 'poltitics'?

I smell hypocrisy...

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r*s*   Biffy do rule. Biffy did rock.

Span on the other hand...well, the man who looked like an ape, acted like an ape, went after peace like an ape....even pranced about atop a bundle of audio equipment like an ape.....was an ape.

Jet Plane Landing; not bad at all. Lead singer was rather charasmatic, but didnt say much. He liked what he was doing, which helped me.

Biffy rocked.

Can't wait to see another less-well-known band and be all ready to jump up and down (space permitting). King Tut's w/ Devics...canny wait you lil L.A. crackers!!

G*u*   The small gigs are usually the best...
s*m*n   Biffy are fantastic....been listening to Blackened sky now for wee pal went but i missed out cos i was working! :( i hear theyre playing at Glasgow green maybe??
G*u*   I heard Gig on the Green isn't happening this year... and that the Chili Peppers are gonna play instead... their biggest ever Scottish gig apparently... :/

Awww Simon, u soo missed out at the Biffy gig tho!! I only bought Blackened Sky something like a few weeks ago! Was completely oblivious to the wonder that was Biffy before that, hehe.
M*k*i*a*o*   And who introduced you to them dear grum bug? It was I, the one legged wanderer!

Just a quick hello as I wait for friends to arrive in the computing room so we can head to the union that is Glow...

Guess waht.. You know how the Glow symbol is an arrow... well i was looking at it today in a hungover stupor trying to keep myself entertained, and realised (i think) the symbol is an arrow cos thats the shape of Glow.. Is this obvious, and I'm just slow.. or am I very clever and deserve a 1A for my essay?

Mmmm vimto and vodka tastes much better when everyone thinks ur just drinking vimto.. cos then u know a secret they don't. Just like that secret about the horse... *Shhhhh!*

Mikeinabox ... inabox... inabox... (or Mikeinachinadoll)

This is Michael NIsbet, reporting Scotland, Stirling.... Move over Trevor Donald!

G*u*   Aye it was u who introduced me, and thankful I am too.

The Glow arrow... ummmm.... u'll have to draw it for me.. shapw of Glow I mean.. I always thought it was coz you have to go downstairs to get to it. (coz it's a downwards arrow 4 the confused).

Don't think Trevor MACDonald will be moving anywhere if u'r working for Reporting Scotland.. maybe Jackie Bird tho...

Besides, you're not in Stirling, you're inabox! Get it right man!