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Still Alive.

Almost 20.

That's old. :(

Won't be a British Gay Teen anymore I suppose. But I'm allowed a couple of years of denial at least. I'll make you a deal... when I graduate I'll stop calling myself a teen. When I stop believing I'm a teen though, well that's a different story...

I'm more alive at night. Always have been. Always will be.

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R*s*   ach grummy.

if your a teen at heart then i guess there's nothing else to be. so what you're twenty. and even if word doesnt get around. oh well. you're still the best teen i ever met...regardless if you're a teen or if you're not. i still think of you as the guy i emailed....well....years ago. as far as this site shows you....dont you think you're....well, in SOME respects....kind of ageless?

ach grummo i love you so

D*r*e*   You'll always be a teen if you want to be :) happy birthday for friday though, hope u get what you want.
What do you want by the way?... i think it would be good if the community on here clubbed together to get you something.
C yas
Darren x
L*w*s H*n*h*l*   I'm 19 on the 15th - I can still be a teenager!

G*u*   Hey all

Quite f**ked. Quite touched. Thanx Ross, Thanx Darren - cute thought but I dont want nethin, and Lewis... yep, just wait till nxt yr!!

Hugs 2 all,