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Runrig, Scotland, and the World

Feeling all patriotic coz I'm listening to Runrig. Go download Runrig - Loch Lomond. I was kinda brought up on this stuff.. donno what kind of music it is.. could be described as Celtic Rock maybe!

I'm back at home at the minute, enjoyin the luxury of digital tv and broadband internet. One day we'll all look back and wonder how we ever managed without it. I mean, how'd the Eighties' teenagers survive without the web and mobile phones? Kinda hard to imagine. Isn't mass communication a cool thing.

Even still, I'm bored. "If you're bored then you're boring". Maybe so. Just in this empty house -- everyone's somewhere else I ain't been out tonight. Goes to show that despite being "more connected" than ever before, we can still feel alone.

I was gonna end this on a positive note but I can't remember what I was gonna say :p

E-Hugs to anyone who wants one,
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k*t*y*i*s*y   Hey,

i'd like an e-hug!!! Even though i knew about this web page, it was spooky that it came up on google when i was searching for "will and grace" lol! See you soon grum xx
L*w*s H*n*h*l*   I'm looking forward to this weekend. I have been and will be working every day until Saturday . I worked this Sunday to get next Sunday off y'see.

I hope that the "work = play" equation applies!

I also hope that "more sleep = less tired" is true of this week as well, cos the coffee is losing its effects...