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Funny old week

We've all been revelling in the past a bit this week, and we've all had different outcomes. I was talking to Dunky, my ex-boy last nite, and finally told him something that I've wanted to say for months. Not really sure how it went. Um, well, it was good talkin to him, and I'm glad I built up the courage to say what I wanted to say. So. Good outcome I guess.

Lindsay's ex was up in Stirling this weekend. He got what he wanted. She didn't. Bad mix of confusion, alcohol, selfishness, emotions. :/ Bad outcome then. Or maybe it's just life. Hugz to Lins in either case.

Katie phoned her ex, Steve, and I had a minor heart-attack after the power curcuits tripped and the PC refused to reboot. Katie was glad to hear from her ex-boy and the PC made a full recovery. Good outcomes.

Sam split with Rik. Hugz to Sam. And Rik too on the off chance he'd want one, hehe. Possibly a good outcome. Hopefully a good outcome.

Met up with old school friends. Ate, drunk, assed around and had fun :) Definately a good outcome.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Here's to the future. And the past too.

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L*w*s H*n*h*l*   Hey, you forgot to update your age on the homepage :-P

It's my last day of being 18!
G*u*   OK OK I'll change it. If I really have to. Sigh.

Anyway, happy birthday :) Have a great day.

Grum the bug x
M*k*i*a*o*   Is it just me, or does it seem like you've just lived through an episode of Dawson's Creek?

You should be lucky, cos if that's the case you'll end up getting the girl.. *ah*... i see the problem!