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Rock Climbing!

OK Well Sam and I (ooh proper English!) thought we'd go a lesuirely walk yesterday, and ended up climbing this sandstone quarry type thing that we never knew existed! Only to find out that the rock... being sandstone-ish... was crumbly. Well, I thought I was gonna die! Hehe. OK not quite, but I think Sam was possibly more confident than me, considering she was behind me! :p Emerged with our limbs intact though.

I was quite proud of our wee adventure.

And on a different note... does's Interactive Top 10 Men Celebrity List (launched in Feb), perhaps too closely resemble The Interactive GSO 10, launched in Jan? Especially since they were using a Ian Somerhalder image in their 1st month (which isn't there anymore). I donno. Maybe not.

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L*w*s H*n*h*l*   You never know when you're going to have a rock climbing adventure.

A search for "Ian Somerhalder" on Google Images has that image from this site ranking 2nd in the results. But I see your point.

Happy Easter as well, I suppose.

I'm off to work now...