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Prof Colin Bell, and Glencoe Rd! :)

Heylo :)

First off, a wee moment to think about the loss of the principle of the University of Stirling, who very suddenly died yesterday. Thoughts go out to his family. He was 61.

1min silence at noon on Monday for all members of the Uni community.

Onwards.... me, Katie and Lins have got a housey flat!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! It's this quaint wee cottagy looking building on Glencoe Road in Stirling. Awww it's soooo cool!!!! :D Our own wee place at last.... :D.... :D hehe....

And Katie says emphatically "it's on the hill with the cannons!!!!!!!". Hehehe.

Maybe Stirling ain't so bad after all.

Oh yeah, and I'm running for LGBT Officer in the SUSA (Stirling University Student's Association) Council Elections... so wish me luck!

That's all monkeys,
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M*k*i*a*o*   I think I like the hill with cannons.. that's really pretty up there if i rememeber!! (if it's the one i'm thinking of anyway).

Congratulations my dear GrumLinsMan!

A*o*   Just how do you vote in these election thingys anyway - been there 18 months and have no idea!
G*u*   So you're 2nd yr then?

Anyway, shit, this might count as publicity, in which case it's not allowed :\ OK well, in a completely conversational way, the SUSA Council Elections are on May 6th, and the polling booth is in the Atrium, near the Library. Take your ID card to the desk and they'll give you a voting form. Gx
L*w*s H*n*h*l*   Can I vote, even though I'm in Manchester and not a student?

G*u*   Umm... no on both counts, sorry! Hehe.