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I soo need someone to calm me down!! I'm a big bit stressed.

Got 2000 words for tomorrow, so far I've got 300. And I'm on here feckin about coz I can't concentrate.

Haven't been bac 2 Edin to see my mum's new house yet. Apparently it's got a cute wee conservatory and stuff. Me and the girls got our Tenancy Agreements today for our wee housey. Can't wait till September now when we get 2 move in.

Got feck all interesting to say. So I'll say..... "Meep Meep!" and hope for the best.

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A*a*y*o*s   Road Runner isn't gay Graham
L*w*s H*n*h*l*   Did you manage to concentrate and reach the 2000 word target?!
G*a*a*   Well... got 1800 and handed it in a day late... at least it's done... now gotta start on the next assignment for next Wed.. ugh.