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Our phone line in the flat had died. So no internet. Feel detached from the world hehe. Damn BT.

Guess I should go vote in the local council/Scottish Parliament elections... considering it's today... and since I'm running a wee election campaign myself I guess it'd be kinda hypocritical if I suddenly became politically apathetic...

Yep. Think that makes sense.

Bugx in a compting lab
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Ross   Are you the only one running for LGBT officer? I've not seen posters for anyone else.
Graham   Hehe... well um yeah I'm pretty sure I'm the only one standing for lgbt :) So I'm in with a pretty good chance hehe, unless I'm beaten by RON...

(Re-Open Nominations!)

Vote all the same!! Turn-out for these things is usually dire!

Lewis Henshall   Argh!

I've moved places now, without my computer at the moment and therefore Internetless! And before you ask how I'm able to post this, well er silly I'm taking advantage of a friend.


Anyway - yay! 'tis finally Friday, wow this has been such a long week!

Good look in your wee election

AA   Right
jzeio   I love this site, i love joseph scheibelhut even more!!!!!!!
I need love......