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Sociality, constitutions, and other big words

Good god I seem to have no social life at the minute!! Which kinda explains all the 'Aaaah!' posts. I think I'm still scratching at the walls looking for the exit. (Ok so I said that to Mike earlier...). Uni is so not fun right now. A week has past and it's again Saturday night, and I'm again here online. Lins is at home, Katieman is with Alan, Sam is working. I'm meant to be doing some shitty computing assignment. Instead I'm listening to the twats in my flat arguing and banging doors as per usual. They are sooo full of issues, it's unreal. Meanwhile I'm just wallowing in my own discontent I guess.

Um... yeeeah. The GSO Boyz. Well, they're gone. The ones in the Boyz section anyway. And I think it's gonna be permanent. So consider it written into the GSO constitutions, if there were any. Gone all political, haven't I? **I will not be a politician** **I will not be a politician**. Anyway... look at the GSO Survey above. This site is seen a boyz site, and everything else is secondary. Well, that's not the aim. So tough. New policy; GSO is to 1) provide an outlet for my nonsensical obscure rantings, when no1 else will listen (fair enough I think :p), and 2) act as a kinda resource fot LGBT/Q young people wherever they are.

By resource I mean, just a wee source of information and experiences. And a source of interaction, ie through QAForums, which I'll try and grow. is essentially at a disadvantage I think because to a certain degree, it is a personal site. I haven't devised a work-around for that really.

But really, about the boy pictures, I like having them as an extra, so I'm gonna put more throughout the pages, and I'll keep the GSO 10 coz it's been pretty successful. But I'm not prepared anymore for GSO to be seen as a gallery site.

So there we go, some decisive decision-making.

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G*u*   Hope I didn't come across as 'up myself' there. Just what I feel. Gx
s*m*n   hey grum....i think its just the way you phrased the question...ive never seen it as a gallery site.....we all like looking at nice boys but you only have to look at your guestbook to realise that it IS a great resource and its helped loads of people including me so take heart in that!! maybe it is seen as a bit of a personal site...but whats wrong with that...gets things off your chest and helps people to realise theyre not the only one with problems.
j*e*o   Plez bring back the boyz pages, i can not live with out them!
G*u*   Soz, but there is a million other sites on the web where u can get pics. Gx