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Exams / Skin Deep

Ugh. I'm soo freakin out. And I'm lookin a bit like the walking-dead at the minute. Neeed sleeeep. It's funny actually, how exams change everything. Everyone gets stressed and tired and angry and irritable, and it just feels as if things fall apart a bit. Guess they do in a sense.

Umm... new page! Skin Deep by Ian Mann, the creator of the Charlie Hunnam Appreciation Page. :)

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R*s*c*   Hi Grumbo,

Feeling pretty damn awful about waking you now....even if I did get all the required information out of you concerning Stirling's shopping routes....thanks for that!!

I did eventually find a laptop bag and a kensington leash. Comet and Argos are to blame of the degradation of my switch card I do believe.

Thanks all the same. Exam stress is pretty damn useless...other stress may not be.....all the same I hope the stress lays up on you.

Love you lots, just like Jelly Tots.