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A wee update

Finally got to see All That Jazz in Stirling, and I really liked it :) Very nice food.. mmm...

Dislocated my knee again.. just when I thought life was bleak enough already..

On the flip side, I have got two interviews for jobs in Edinburgh :) Only problem is getting through there considering I can barely walk :/

At least my last exam is on Thurs.


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M*k*i*a*o*   Eurgh.. I don't like All That Jazz... When I went we had to get the meals taken back twice because the chicken was.. well dry and disgusting... After two attempts it still wasn't very nice so they didnt charge us for one of them.. They shouldn't have charged us for any.. Again, eurgh! I'll stick to my Med food.


I have a job interview 2moro! At Curry's, it says it's £6 an hour... that would be nice *rubs hands together*
R*s*   curryys? dont be a stupid git!
R*s*   dear mister inabox,

im sorry for calling you a stupid git. im sure your not. but dont take a job at currys man!

ive been on spike over dose ive seen every buffy there is to see :(
G*u*   Well I'd maybe work anywhere for £6/h!

Infact, I'm gonna quit Uni and become a Bus Driver for Lothian Buses... £7 per hour!!

So what if I can't reverse park a Ford Focus...

M*k*i*a*o*   Yeah, I'm at the stage where should be happy to work anywhere (very very skint)..

However, I do appear to have a strict screening process in order wherby I decide not to even consider any jobs that: pay less than £5/hour, involve an awful lot of customers, require me to work early mornings...

I'm thinking I'll need to abolish this screening process if I'm to actually get a job this summer.. Darnnit!

Mikeinabox, and in the box he's playing a game of hop scotch, oh my you cry, what a mighty big box that must be!
G*u*   Why don't you charge for tours around your Stately Box?