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All Over

Uni's finished, exams are done, and I'm finally escaping union street for good. And a permanent goodbye (hopefully) to the wankers on The Left Side of 4F; I really hope you enjoy next year with your continuing immaturity, aggressiveness, insincerity and in-fighting, in the tradition that is true to you.

< Middle finger >

See the rest of you's soon :)

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L*w*s H*n*h*l*   Aww yay for you!

What to do now? Party party party?

I'm in an Internet cafe at the moment, holding back the Internet withdrawal symptoms lol
K*t*e   Aww Grumbug I couldn't agree with the sentiments of that post any more if I tried with all my might! No more wankers, no more wankers, no more wankers! (I'm dancing round the room and singing. LOUDLY. It's been a crappy year in stupid stupid 4F, but we got through it and I think we've come out the other side much stronger, both individually and as friends. And at least we're still smiling! :-) aww I've only been away from you a few days and I miss you tonnes already! Next year is gonna be fab, just the three of us in our cute cute cute 'wee' housey! I really can't wait. No more wankers, no more wankers, no more wankers...... (you get the picture! :-)
Have fun at the Odeon!
Love you lots and lots and lots!
Love your very own Katie (man!)
s*m*n   hey grum....hope your next place is a bit quieter!!.....did u go to the biffy gig at the liquid rooms on monday?? best gig ive been to in ages...they rocked!! Jetplane landing were good too....really looking forward to T in the park now!
G*u*   Yep can't wait till we move into our wee housey!! And why was your 'wee' in quotes Katieman? Eh? I think we should christen it, or non-religious equavalent.. um, could we brand it? Or does that have too many cattle connoations? Either way, I'll get a plaque that reads "Cute Wee Housey of Glencoe Road" :) Miss you too, Love The Bugxxx

Simon! I Missed Biffy!!! :( Only read about it a few hours before. :(
I*n   Lol, you were stuck in union street at uni, and I'm stuck (working in a shop on) union street in bristol now uni has finished for the year :(
J*D* R*i*   sound like you have had a tough time, lately. how come you have such hate for those people in your flat? but its sounds like you are going to have a fantastic time with your two fag hags. i love fag hags they are the best. you get to talk about sexy men, and they secretly fancy you. just ,ake sure you dont get drunk around them. good luck grum, great site.