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I've been dead busy somehow. On Saturday I was in Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow and Paisley all in the same day.. which was coz of the NUS Scotland LGBT Conference. As it happened, I'm not sure it was worth going. Not many Uni's turned up, not much got done, and the two guys I was with were good friends, so I was kinda the outsider. :/

Us 3 are going to the NUS National LGB Conference in Manchester in a couple of weeks, so I guess I'll just have to try harder to marke it survivable.

Emm.. yeah. So I'm working in the old Odeon Cinema in Edinburgh now, which is pretty god damn cool. Half the staff are as mad as I am, and I just spend most of the time laughing.

Having major self-confidence issues at the minute tho coz my skin is really bad, with excema and the like, and I just look pretty bad. Ugh. So I'm battling away with that.

The Bug has run outta money! Which is a minor problem hehe... have to survive till payday.. which is um... 28th maybe.

And good god! The levels of spam I'm getting is kinda getting intollerable. It should be made a criminal offence. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

I was in Vibe last week... it's a cool young gay nite in Edinburgh... with Dilly and Mike, and Dunx, Vicky and Scott were their and stuff.. it was a really good nite.

Finally get my hair cut tomoz...

OK So I can't think of anything else guffy to say.
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is josh hartnett gay?
T*g*r c*b   Graham, I have a fab dermatologist... works for Clinique, I've been a client of hers for 5 years. Shall I forward you some bumph?!?!
G*u*   Yeah sure go for it :) Thanx (Tho if she's in Wales...?)

And no, Josh Hartnett is not gay.
J*e*o   Hello, im wondering what uni means. So many U.K people are talking about "Uni". Is it some kind of schooling, or club?
G*u*   Uni.... University... best ones in the UK are Oxford, Cambridge, (Edinburgh!), best ones in the US are Harvard, Yale... you get the picture!
m*k*i*a*a*d*o*r*b*x*e*g*n*p*s*e*s*y*o*s*a*e*h*n*e   Stirling is the best university in the UK.. I don't agree with the league tables.