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Happy Birthday Katieman :)

My flatmate has reached the dizzy heights of 20 years old!! Hope you have a good day out today with your friends in sunny newCastle! (Apologies for the half-drunken phone call at 11 last nite.. eeek! :s)

Last night we went on a wee Edinburgh pub crawl, and we ended up in the reincarnation of the Peppermint Lounge (coz they moved it after the Cowgate fire), and I was sooo gutted; it's just a wee hovel of a pub compared to the all-amazingness of what it was before. We used to have soo much fun in the old Pep. I'm all disillousioned now. :(

We need a cheesy indie rock club!!

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K*t*e   Awww hunny thank you! I only just read this even tho it was my birthday a week ago. Never mind, I forgive you for forgetting since you were kind enough to announce it to the world on the site! Love you lots!
Love Katie xxx