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I was in Manchester this weekend for the NUS LGB National Conference. The whole thing went very well I think... lots of productive stuff and not a lot of bitching (tho there was a fair amount of "Labour-bashing" from the very anti-Labour Daniel Murphy, who is the National LGB Officer, which pissed me off).

*Anyway*, I think on a 'me' level I crashed and burned. I was too quiet, too unconfident, too unconnecting. Which sux. Which I coulda just went and made millions of friends and stuf, but instead I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights. But if you dump me into a group of people my own age that I don't know, I'm just always gonna be like that, especially if I'm feeling "not up to the standard", being constantly surrounded by hot hot moxie boyz.

Em, Canal Street was dead cool, we were in Spirit, Via Fossa, 46, Essential and stuff. Full of cute dudes :)

Back in Edinburgh and I've got four End shifts this week.... uuggh.

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W*l*i*m   Hi, i know what you mean about Daniel Murphy, i am amongst other things a Youth Officer for the Labour Party in Teignbridge Devon, and a student at the University of Plymouth (city) and i was not impressed with Mr Murphys contribution to the confrence, where does he get off, i mean their has been no govt since the last Labour one that is that has done so much for Gay issues in the UK, it is Labour MP's (with Lib-Dems) who opposed section 28, it was this govt that equalized the age of consent for Gay's and it is this govt who is trying to push for reforms of the legal system to give protection for long term gay relationships. Torries, and Marxists are by their very nature anti-gay and therfore it is obcene for any gay person to support their extreme and bigoted views. Anyway got that off my chest, thought id just say so because i was so busy staying on my high horse on so many other issues that i didnt have time to pick on this overtly political slant taken by Mr Murphy and Co.
G*u*   Yep, totally.

There isn't a more pro-gay rights party than Labour. Does Daniel Murphy think we would've made this level of progress with any other govt? I think not.

L*w*s H*n*h*l*   Oh.

Grum, I was there too on the Sunday!

I met my friend from college while I was out and he'd brought with him some friends from Leeds Uni attending the conference. To cut a long ;-) story short I ended up at the conference!!
L*w*s H*n*h*l*   And it did start going a bit off-topic, with all the mention of Iraq and Bush. I suppose it's hard to draw the line at what we should be doing to help society.

It was mega busy in the village. You probably saw me giving out flyers for club nights. It was Poptastic Manchesters first all-nighter - which was groovy.
b*b t*e b*i*d*r   Labour is pants, I will never vote for them again.