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Robbie, Craigmount, and Hotlinking

It took me 2 and a half hours to get home from work last nite. It's a half-an-hour journey, but the bus was swamped by a sea of thousands of people coming out of the Robbie gig. Am I the only person that thinks Robbie Williams churns our mediocre commercial bull?

But movin on... they start knocking down my old school today! :( It was a nasty concrete hell, bit it was ours...

Emm, bandwidth has went thru the roof.. we've had over a million server requests this month already.. so I've been coding away like the wee geek that I am, and I've prevented hotlinking. So sorry if you've got nasty 'No Hotlinking' images on your sites, but you shouldn't be using my images coz it costs me money.

Thanx, Gx
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T*g*r c*b   I have to confess to understanding about 3 words in that post........ what on earth is bandwidth and hotlinking??? I understand robbie... and his vulgarity, but after that, I'm lost!!!!

As ever et al,
Tig xx
G*u*   Hehe.. well... it was just a warning really to other website owners.. who should understand it....

Bandwidth is the number of bytes that you can transfer (from the server to people's computers).

Hotlinking is when someone puts one of your images (hosted on your server) onto their page. This means you have to pay for that image being transferred, even though it's on someone else's page. If that makes sense.

Well that was your crash course hehe....

L*n*s   heya babes,
Robie doesn't suck!He's a cutie! :P How dare u suggest otherwise!!

Glad u finally got this thng sorted bout peeps nickin ur images, well done!

Miss u loads! Cant wait to move into Glencoe Rd!
love Linds xoxo