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200k hits for the Mainpage. Not really using it a gauge anymore tho coz GSO has so many other entry pages besides the Mainpage. Site-wide, the total is 5 or 6 times that.

Been out driving today :) I really love being behind the wheel, it's good therapy. Well, except for nasty manouevers. It would be very cool if I could pass before going back to Stirling, being too optimistic maybe.

Me and Bex went out for a 'wee drink' last nite hehe.. it was 4.30am before I got home! It was such a good nite! And we managed to get kicked out of Siglo.. ??! And we've decided we like Creme de Menthe shooters coz they go down easy, hehe. Em yeah. Very probably wasn't entirely toxin-free for my 1st drivin lesson in ages tho :s

Anyway. T in the Park on Saturday!! (Even tho work have rota'd me in on Sat.. despite havin requested it off... hmm..) I'm goin with Jen who I haven't seen in aaages! It'll be good :) And I'm seein Biffy Clyro in Glasgow King Tut's tomorrow night .. as I've just been reminded!

Yeah. It's all happenin this week.

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