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A Spot of T

So I'm gonna take a wee risk and assume no-one from work reads this, but I was at T in the Park on Saturday with Jen.. :) It was suuuuch a good day, saw Biffy Clyro (I met one of the band member's parents in King Tut's last week at their gig! Cool people!), em, saw Idlewild, the Flaming Lips and their White Stripes tribute, plus they sang happy birthday for Jack White, and a song entitled Fibre Optic Jesus (?!!).

Anyway, saw my most favourite band of all time, ever, which is ofcourse REM. One of the very few people to get Grum's Idol status is their lead Michael Stipe. Amazing charisma, and insight, and a deepness that I'm sure I can only understand on the very top level. Yep. He kinda has somethin magical.

Jen and I met a very odd dude actually, just b4 REM. He totally thought Jen was the most gorgeous girl in the world, which was very sweet. He seemed very level headed, very insightful, yet slighlty oddball-ish.. ?.. it was weird. He initially asked if me and Jen were together... we laughed... then he added, talking to me, 'Are you gay? You have that sparkle in your eye.' ! I was kinda taken aback. Maybe he was bullshitting. I donno. Very 'canny' guy as Katieman would say, definately somethin about him that I won't forget. (Well, bearing in mind I have a memory that can be likened best to um, well, a seive.)

Em. I am soooo quiet right now. Even at T with Jen, I was just really quiet. Can't really explain why. Sometimes trying to convey what I mean takes too much effort, so maybe I just don't? Sometimes I feel like people don't hear what I'm saying, so it seems pointless trying; I know I think like that from time to time. Maybe aswell I sometimes feel like I don't have anything interesting to say, so I just kinda listen. And sometimes I just can't connect, when I don't understand yet what I'm feeling. Eeek. I don't really know what I'm saying. Do I ever.

Guess this is all phycobable right now. Maybe I'll look back in a month's time and it'll make sense.

Movin on tho... new design for Graham Design. I wanted to create somethin professional looking for once. Didn't work tho. Hehe. I like it anyway, for the time being, it's kinda 'me'.

Emails... I'm building them up. Don't feel like I can reply at the minute. So gimme time if you're waitin on a response. Soz. Thanx for your patience.

Forums... doin well, compared to before. Only a tiny percentage of GSO passers-thru even look the forums, never mind post. So if you wanna pass round the url then feel free.

Boyz section... demand is high but it's gotta stay offline for the time being. Soz.

Um, I've got more to say that I can't remember right now, so I'll leave it there.

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