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All of the GSO Boyz are no longer accessible, and same goes for the GSO 10. I've replaced the mini-shop (right) with standard Amazon links. And I've reduced the quality of large title images; all in an effort to reduce bandwidth. And that's all I can do really, short of removing more sections, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it works.

My dad's away for a week, which means a free house :) Always good! His one request was for me to water the plants in the back garden... who's gonna bet that I'll forget?

Anyone got any ideas for GSO Survey questions?

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r*s*   dearie me,

for a moment when reading that i got "the end is nigh I'm afraid for GSO" my heart skipped a beat. but its okay now. phew.

G*u*b*g   [[Testing system update...]]

But alas, I will sell my kidneys before I quit the site..

C*r*s C*y*e   I am sorry that I was not able to see your full site. What can be done to help you? Do you need a bigger server? Another hosting site ? Money?

I wold have loved see your boys.

Write me. Chris
G*u*   Well I really need to find a host who will offer me much cheaper bandwidth.. which I guess is the ideal solution, but I'd have to move both QA and GD coz they're on the same package right now. It would take an enormous amount of time and effort tho, mainly coz there's 2 domains and QA is so database integrated.

It's all so annoying tho, coz my host is soo good, but my needs don't match their packages, and they are unwilling to help me out. So I'm being ripped off by XCalibre as a result.

QA uses about 25MB web space and at full content it uses about 6GB bandwidth a month with it's current traffic.

I'm paying for [url=]this package[/url]. £150 per yr + (£7.50 per mnth per GB for bandwith overusage, ie £15). All exluding VAT.

So 150 x 1.175 = 176.25

12 ((7.50 x 2) x 1.175) = 211.5

Total 387.75.. mad isn't it?

So this is why I'm desperately trying to keep bandwidth under 4GB!

So that's the script! The solution? Umm.... not really sure!

G*u*   [[another wee test]]
M*k*i*a*o*   [[yet another wee test]]

G*u*   [[don't u take the piss outta me and my highly vital testing of very important modifications.. ya wank]]
M*k*i*a*o*   [[The Cheek!]]