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Our beloved phones

You know what, altho we all love our mobiles, or cells for the Americans, I've figured out why we all get sooo irritated by others talking on their phones while on public transport... I mean, sure, it's partly because they talk louder, but I think the real reason is that we're greatly annoyed by the fact we can only eavesdrop on one half of the conversation.....

And we feel left out as a result! As if we somehow actually have the right to know exactly what they're saying.

Weird weird weird.

Bex and moi are gonna see T3 tonite... but not at my cinema.. been in there all day already. Think we're goin to UGC, who phoned and offered me an interview yesterday.. they've only had my CV for *3 months*

Microwave pinged, I'm off.


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L*w*s H*n*h*l*   I don't like having telephone conversations on public transport, know people are eavesdropping. How presumptious of me though to assume that my conversations would be of any interest!

I've had an UGC Unlimited cinema pass for a year and a bit - well worth it. £9.99 a month to see as much as you want as many times as you want, albeit my local cinema is lowering standards when it comes to good customer service and regular cleaning of the oh so sticky floor.
H* M*r*i*t   Hee he, good observationon the cells mann. your site is great. you look like freddy mercury. hee hee, still dam cute though. Can you sing? eh?
R*s*o C*u*t*   I get in for free, its better than paying