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Reading Festival!

I can't believe it's Reading time again, can't believe it's been a year. By the way, I'm so scared by how fast time goes by!

In 11 days time, the end of an era will be marked by the closing of the best, most prestigious, and possibly the oldest (?) cinema in Edinburgh. Screen 1 is the most amazing audtorium, and it's one of the biggest in the country.. they simply don't make cinemas like this anymore. Film Premieres in the city would always happen at this cinema, and it used to show the most important films of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. So it'll be a big loss, to both Edinburgh and Scotland. And i'm angry at the wankers in London who no doubt took the decision to close us without ever seeing the building.


Dodgy cheesey new background, can be found here.

If I'm not replying to texts it's coz I've only got 50p credit in my phone! And O2 *still* haven't sent me my new SIM card!!!! And their site isn't working properly as per usual, so I can't respond online.. grrr!!

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