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Reading, Alcohol, and the best gig I've ever seen

Reading Festival was good as always, maybe not as good as last year, but we still had a laugh, and were wasted pretty much constantly for 3 days, or stoned in the case of Bex, Dilly and Dunx... they had this cool contraption called a Bucket to smoke the weed from.. very ingenious I thought.

Bit dissapointed that Vicky and Dilly didn't swim in the Thames this year :p Tho it was totally good having us 5 back together again, plus Tommy who is very sound.. he kinda reminded me of this guy called Woody who was one of my school friends.. they're both straight but they both have this unphased, open minded attitude... "cute personalities".. hehe..

I think it was a bit weird at times, coz out of the 6 of us, there was 2 sets of ex's.. coz Vicky and Tom used to go out. And I gotta admit I felt weird when we were talkin about Dunky's new bf.. was happy 4 him... but couldn't help remembering the past, kinda thing... C'est la vie, I guess. Rabbits. :|

But we did manage to see Placebo, Blink 182, Sum 41, Metalica, System, Blur (who were crap), Good Charlotte (also crap :| ), Biffy Clyro (for the 5th time this year I think!), Alien Ant Farm, Hundred Reasons (who were soo good), and other cool people who I'm forgetting.

But, I saw the best gig of my life last nite in Edinburgh.... Placebo at the Corn Exchange... and they just totally rocked, the atmosphere was electric and Brian, Stephan, and Steve the drummer were completely on form.. we managed to get 2 encores outta them :) Edinburgh loves you Placebo!!!!!!!

They just looked soo comfortable on stage, and Stephan was even looking confident, considering he seems like such a timid dude most of the time... it was just... this was a special gig I tell ya.. still cheesing :D


Ps: Bandwidth seems to be under control at last, tho we can never be too sure coz of the dodgy Stats system Xcalibre uses.. and stay tuned for a bigger, better, more interactive GSO Film Store which is coming soon....
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K*v*n   OMG I was at the Placebo concert! It rocked! It was my 3rd Placebo gig this year, and by far the best! Brian and Stephan kissed on-stage, Stephan had no top on, plus it was just plain bloody excellent!