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Matchbox 20, and Movin' On Out

Think we waitied about half a year, but me and Lins finally saw Matchbox 20 at the Glasgow SECC last nite. It was a good gig, and I was kinda surprised at the size of it.. 4,500 people apparently... who would've thought they would have such a big following in Scotland?

And I met Jo, kinda bizzarely, who is an old school friend, with some of her Uni friends. So it was kinda cool to catch up, coz she's up in Dundee doing Medicine these days. And I'm pretty sure I saw Steven F, who I guess was a friend of a friend in the begining.. if you're reading (by some freak coincidence) then drop me an email...

Poem: Movin' On Out. (Iffy, but it's got a kinda rythm to it.)

And that's what I'm doin, moving back up to Stirling tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. Finally me, Lins and Katieman have our own wee place, and it'll be good to be together again. I don't think I miss Edinburgh anymore when I'm away, it doesn't seem to have the hold over me that it once did. It's still my city, but there's no real reason for me to be here, at the minute I guess.

It's been a funny summer. I feel like I really haven't done much, and i haven't really had fun. I've just worked, and slept, and drank, and danced, without really enjoying it. And I didn't earn enough to save any money, and I never really made friends, so I'm not really any further forward. Wasted summer? I'm thinkin so. I don't think I'm gonna be back in Edinburgh next summer, so I think that's it. Could be a very long time 'till I'm living here again. Maybe it's sad, but maybe it's progress? Cutting loose my dependance on a place, has to be progress.

Not necessarily looking forward to studying again. Think I'm too lazy. Always have been. But I'll get there, I know I'll get there. I still have this desire to graduate with a 1st. Just you watch me. (Famous last words?). Anyway. Here's to 3rd year. Here's to Stirling. (Never thought I'd be saying that).

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