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I'm still alive....

Well hello there, one and all....

Thought I should get my "ass into gear", as my mother would say, and update this wee thing. Um, there's loadsa stuff been going on in The Life Of Grum... but as per usual, having issues committing it all to paper.. or screen, to be accurate.

We've moved into our wee housey flat.. and we've all settled in and it's very cosy. Very glad to be out of my dad's house, coz I've regained my freedom, kinda thing. In a theoretical way, because it's not as if I've regained it, coz I'm pretty free and independant when I'm living with my dad. But, you know what I mean, own living space is important.

Right now I'm just organising my new Uni timetable, desperately trying to organise LGBT Society related stuff... but things happen very slowly in the Students' Association...

First LGBT Society meeting is planned for Thursday 25th September, 8pm, in the Council Room for Stirling students. Look out for posters next week.

What else? Yeah, I was saying it's good to be back.. in Stirling.. and kinda good to be back at Uni too. I'm uncontent though. I feel as if I've been single for far too long, and I feel as if there's nothing on the horizon. (And nothing likely to be, like, ever again.. to be melodramatic). Know the feeling? And I know I live for independance, but I like to be a contradiction. Grum needs a boy. And he has to be unique.... It's all kinda shrunk. Both content, up-to-date-ness, and traffic figures. But if we ever get internet connection in the flat then I'll see what I can do about that.

But for now my dears, that's it,
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