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To Mark

One of the kids I grew up with died this morning. Meningitis. He started feeling ill a couple of days ago. Shows how fast a life can be cruely taken away. It's hard to accept.

Thoughts are with his mum Nic, dad Archie, and wee brother Craig.

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s*m*n   hey isnt fair...thats a fact....i knew a wee girl who died of meningitis when she was only 6.....cant describe how we all felt at the one expects their child to die before them....i was only 17.....26 now but i know her familly still hurt to this was so quick, made my problems look so trivial.....dunno why things happen the way they do...i wish it was easy to explain but its not....a girl i knew from school.....kirsty balfour....died recently from a brain heamorage...u dont expect it from someone u know and its a shock when it comes....someone older than me i was at school with just colapsed and died.....angus cree...he was only heres to them all....hope that whatever comes after is good to u and know that u are forever in our thougts....kirsty.....u were a rock for me at school and u are today....ur life was short but it meant so much to us all
L*w*s H*n*h*l*   This month is the month it will have been a year since my friend Paul died of cancer. He died on 21 October 2002.
J*n*i*e* L*n* M*n*   I am very interested in that so many of you are willing to be outspoken with your sexuality. I agree "To be queer is to be different, to be gay is to be happy, and to be proud is to be both"

About a month ago I dated a gentleman who was unsure of his sexuality. And in the end he decided that men are his type. But what I don't understand is that he couldn't tell me himself, I was told indirectly by one of my other seriously gay friends. I just don't know why he can't tell me in person, or talk to me at all now. He has gone mute when I arrive. Well, thanks for the oppertunity to express my thoughts about this certain topic. I am thankfull for your thoughtfullness and respect for every person involved in any relationship.

I hope that each and every one of you find who you are looking for, if it be a woman or a man. Do all you can to achieve your dreams.