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"You don't plan your own son's funeral"

It was Marc's funeral yesterday. I think it made much more of an impact on me than I ever thought it would. I kinda felt that we'd lost one of "us". Us being the 6 kids, of the 3 families. It really was sad.

He was only 16. The doctor's had said that he had been living with a weak blood vessel in his brain, and it could've happened at any time, the minister explained. Could've happened when he was 80, but it didn't.

I think half of 5th year at Craigmount was there, and that was kinda touching. I managed to avoid my old teachers tho, hehe.

And I was kinda hurt that someone that should've really at least asked how the funeral went, didn't even ask how I was. For some reason, I just needed it yesterday.

There was more that I was gonna say, but that's the jist of it.

To Marc.

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