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Drinking Stirling

OK on Reporting Scotland tonight they were trying to say us 8,000 Stirling students binge drink because of cheap alcohol offers!!.. Well of course we do! We're stressed! The local watering-holes are just proving a good affordable public service.

And they showed pictures of Studio, one of our Union's bars... which, by the way, won the BEDA Award for best Union in Scotland.. so there! :p

Both CJ and Al both managed to get their points in... some people just love the attention! Hehe.

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M*k*   I think it would be more apt to suggest CJ said what he felt the filmmakers wanted to hear.
S*e*e* W*i*e*o*s*   I am dissapointed that you haven't been updating the site much. The updates make me feel warm and gooey in my pants.