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I'm meant to be working on a 2500 word Usability Report due on Tuesday. Turned down gettinging f**ked wuth 3 different people tonite, to do work on this. That's dedication for u. *cough*. I'm such an unmotivated creature though, contrary to what my CV says. Ugh.

I have actually read some stuff tho, which ain't something i do often. So many better things I could be doing tho. Man. Note to self: Don't attempt to do work too early, because you know that you never gain the motivation until 2 hours before the deadline - at which point you'll be sparked into action by the pure fear of the situation.

Saw Bowling For Soup again with Bex on Wednesday... I think... losing track of the days! In the extorsionate hovel that is the Edinburgh Liquid Rooms. Gig not worth it but good seein Bex. And we did get to laugh at a dodgy celtic band playing in Finnegan's Wake (which I'm sure uses an Irish spelling which I'm never gonna remember). It was one of those bands where the lead singer doesn't simply have an acoustic guitar, but a harmonica too.. suspended bizzarely infont of his face. Eeek. So we left. Went to Opium and played pool.

I'm takin my LGBT Society dudes and dudettes thru to scary Glasgow next Thursday. And I'm sure some of the wee rabbits actually will be scared coz for some of them it's their 1st time in a gay bar (gay bar, i'm gonna take you to a... (ugh. damn electric 6 and their nasty sleazy post-pc anthem)). I think it'll be fun tho. We ain't gonna get the last train back either, no, we're gonna get the 1st train back, as in, at five-to-six in the morning.. hehe.. *grum desperately tries to regain his hardcore edge* *grum also realises he's double booked himself next thurs.. meant to be seein band with bex.. but can't be bothered panicking.. ah well... least it's all in the same city*

No-one ever said 'organisation is a virtue'.

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