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Cute Dudes, New Hosts, People Visiting

OK well, one cute dude in particular... me is now officially goin out with Gary, hehe :) Um, he's in 1st year.. 19 years old (I think hehe :p), and he's from Northern Ireland. And he lives in Lindsay's old room in Halls!!! See, all the cool people live in Geddes 4th Floor West in 1st year! :)

New hosts... well, Graham Design is now being served from 1&1 servers, and the transfer process has started for For the webbies who might be interested, 1&1 so far seems pretty cool. The servers are fast, and the service seems reliable. Email support however is dire (you can easily wait 5 days, whereas Xcalibre, still hosting QA, replied within hours - which was excelent), and you don't get your own smtp. Most annoyingly, you can't choose your own usernames and passwords - and the provided ones are basically strings of non-rememberable numbers, and they're different for SQL/FTP/Logs/Email etc. Grr. Nightmare.

People visiting... Gary's friend Owen is coming over from Ireland, Katieman's best friend from home, Catrina, is coming up from Newcastle, and my wee sister Yvie is hopefully coming up from Edinburgh :) Everyone converging in Stirling.. poor people!

Off to get food from the chippy!

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